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The act of lying in public space is often uncommon or (worse still) prohibited. Not in the park of the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław (Poland), where Mikołaj Smoleński has upset ordinary. Within the sixth edition of Archi-box series curated by Michal Duda, he has created Polegiwacz, a temporary architecture designed to lie down and relax. 

Photos by Krzystof Smyk _ All rights reserved.

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On 1 August 2013 during Metropolis Festival, an amazing domino show by Station House Opera took place in the urban environment of Copenhagen (Denmark). 7000 tiles of breeze blocks toppled down along a 3 km route surrounded by an astonished audience.

ps. a new domino show is scheduled in Marseille on 28 September. Note down.

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Once more billboards have become canvases for 50 artworks of German and renowed artists. It’s Dresden Public Art View.

Photos by Dresden Public Art View _ All rights reserved.

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With a jump back to the future, the duo of artists HeHe has been carrying out The Train Project, developing unconventional prototypes of railway vehicles tested on abandoned tracks in the form of performances. 

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In the south of Funen island (Denmark), JDS, URBAN AGENCY and Creo arkitekter have just created the new Faaborg Harbour Bath and Blue Base. The open sea bathing area has four wooden bridges of different width and length where lo sunbathe, sit, relax and dive into the water.

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On S. East Street in Baltimore (USA), waiting is fun thanks to the Spanish mmmm…. The wooden public art installation is part of TRANSIT – Creative Placemaking with Europe.

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Flashback: 2008 Fribourg (Switzerland).
The Island by Christian Hasucha. To chill out in the midst of cityscape. The installation was part of Festival Belluard Bollwerk International.

Flashback: 2008 Fribourg (Switzerland).

The Island by Christian Hasucha. To chill out in the midst of cityscape. The installation was part of Festival Belluard Bollwerk International.

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Moscow based art group Zuk Club has renovated the Lugano Skate Park taking into account the sunlight’s changes and therefore mixing brilliantly geometries, mandalas, patterns and color palettes. 

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The interactive installation BruumRuum! by David Torrents and artec3 Studio lets people interact with public space in Barcelona emitting noises and sounds and, as a result, produces colorful lightning changes.

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Bobsled is not only a winter sport, as Umsichten demonstrated in 2012 with Superbob, reusing discarded materials from the deconstruction of a previous installation by Baltic Raw at the Hamburger Kunsthalle.

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City One Minutes →

In City One Minutes you can sail the whole world, passing from a city to the next one and observing sunlight through time. The website collects stories, impressions, points of view in the form of videos: each city is divided into 24 one minute portraits and each portray depicts one hour of the day. 

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The Italian collective Orizzontale has just inaugurated the new installation 8 ½, as 2014 winners of the Young Architects Program (YAP) in Rome. Set up outside MAXXI Museum, the project emphasizes the function of public spaces, generating encounter among people, enjoyment and cultural growth.  It consists of two elements: a wooden gateway with lamps made out of recycled beer bottles and an open-air arena, with a stage, sitting zones and water play fountains.

Photos by Musacchio Ianniello, courtesy Fondazione MAXXI _ All rights reserved.

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For Village Éphémère 2014, the Canadian Atelier GUY architecte has chosen to modify familiar elements of urban pattern like jersey barriers, turning them into street furniture.

Photos by Jean Micheal Seminaro and Yann Meurot _ All rights reserved.

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Like a matryoshka doll, Alberto Odériz has used 45.000 breeze blocks to design a temporary public space inside the Zócalo, the main square in the heart of Mexico City.

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In the Fakulteta district of Sofia (Bulgaria), Transformatori and Compote Collective engaged little volunteers in order to build the first kid’s corner recycling discarded materials.

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