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The area of Box Hill Gardens in the City of Whitehorse (Australia) has been totally renovated by ASPECT Studios, recycling elements of the former structures and creating a public space suitable for multiple sport and recreation activities.

Photos by Andrew Lloyd _ All rights reserved.

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Located in the neighbourhood of Cova do Vapor in Almada (Portugal), Casa do Vapor is a temporary cultural centre created by Exyzt and local people to provide facilities to the inhabitants and the beach users.The wooden structures host a residency space, a workshop area, the surf school, a common kitchen and a venue for little events.

Photos by: Alexander Roemer _ All rights reserved.

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Where to prepare the 10,000 meals a day for the volunteers and musicians attending  the Winnipeg Folk Festival? The Canadian studio Syverson Monteyne Architecture has expressly designed La Cuisine, saving the existing steel structure of a dismantled building and reconstructing it in a new form. The colorful building serves as a big seasonal kitchen facility with sliding walls protecting from bad weather and has a verandah for the festival-goers to meet and relax.

All Images and Photography courtesy of Syverson Monteyne Architecture Inc and Harold Mitchell Photography _ All rights reserved

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9.977 square meters x repurposed shipping containers x imagination of people = Parque Natural Tiuna El Fuerte. Designed and built by LAB.PRO.FAB in 2005, the project is located in the western part of Caracas (Venezuela) and is a social, political and environmental experiment of urban cohesion. The public space hosts many leisure activities and events and, like a creative construction site, it has a library, an open theatre, classrooms for workshops, a dining room etc.

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The stage is the actor itself, as its construction occurs during the live performance of a piece composed by Adam Donen. This is the concept of colorful Europa by ADA for The Bloomsbury Fete 2013 in London (UK).

Photos by Mark Thomas _ All rights reserved.

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In 2011 Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid designed Noor Esti, a temporary summer theatre in Estonia, using timber batons in order to create a plain connection with the natural surroundings.

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To optimize the spatial organization of Lasalle Franciscans School courtyard in Zaragoza (Spain), architect Guzman de Yarza Blache has created a new layer, elevating the multi-use sports court off of the ground.

Photos by: Miguel de Guzman _ All rights reserved.

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Opened in Torino (Italy) 2011, Parco Dora by LATZ + PARTNER represents a compelling example of reuse of former industrial areas: it preserves the past as a landmark and changes the landscape, inventing  a new public space for all.

Photos by: Mattia Boero, Heidemarie Niemann, Ornella Orlandini, Andrea Serra, Fabrizio Zanelli, Latz + Partner. All rights reserved.

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Heaven is a place on earth and is located in an abandoned paper factory in the Shihlin district of Taipei (Taiwan). Interbreeding Field mantained the existing elements of the building and created Paradise Lost in Time, adding wooden boardwalks, sitting areas, a nice cafè and a green public space.

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Over Het IJ Festival, O+A were commissioned to turn the NDSM shipyard in North Amsterdam (The Netherlands) into a multilevel shipping container city with pop-up stores and a nice restaurant, provoking artists to use the space during their performances.

Photos by Federico Bonelli _ All rights reserved.

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Skate Public Space →

Urban sports add new interpretations to the ways people perceive public spaces, creating a different landscape, using existing architectural elements or changing their functions. This catalogue derives from the keen interest of its author towards the relationship between public spaces and urban sports and features many compelling examples of recreational squares.

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Theatre On The Fly was a temporary theatre space designed by the hyper creative collective Assemble with the help of a team of volunteers and hosted the summer programme of Chichester Festival Theatre taking place in West Sussex (UK).

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Torre David is a vertical little town of 3,000 people in the heart of Caracas (Venezuela): an informal settlement in a formalized unfinished building. Urban-Think Tank has studied the physical and social organization of this ruin-turned-home for a year; the results are an exhibition Torre David Gran Horizonte that won the golden lion for the best project at the XXIII Venice Architecture Biennale, a book Torre David Informal Vertical Communities and a film, which will celebrate the potential of informal practises to design a sustainable future.

To learn more: here.
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Located in Dallas (USA), the playground pavillion designed by Cooper Joseph Studio provides a sheltered seating area and benches for summer picnic. 

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Test Site Rotterdam is an ongoing project by the IABR and the architecture office ZUS running until 2014 that aims at revitalising the Rotterdam Central District. It experiments new strategies and design tools with the involvement of citizens and includes the carrying out of the Roof Gardens, Park Pompenburg and Luchtsingel, an elevated walkaway financed through crowdfunding.

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