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You don’t need a Swiss clock to be in time but Mark Formanek. The German artist has just exported his analog and living work named Nikola-Lenivets Time for Archstoyanie 2014. The performance lasted 32 hours and therefore involved 1920 manual changes.

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Taking part in Vancouver Biennale, the Brazilian OSGEMEOS has recently created a brand new work of art on six gigantic silos located on Granville Island.

Photos by: Vancouver Biennale / Sergio Magro Global BC and Roaming-the-Planet. All rights reserved.

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Once more billboards have become canvases for 50 artworks of German and renowed artists. It’s Dresden Public Art View.

Photos by Dresden Public Art View _ All rights reserved.

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Moscow based art group Zuk Club has renovated the Lugano Skate Park taking into account the sunlight’s changes and therefore mixing brilliantly geometries, mandalas, patterns and color palettes. 

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Since 2004 the Dutch artist Rob Sweere has been inviting people worldwide to take part in an unconventional experience: to contemplate the sky for 30 minutes in complete silence. It’s the Silent Sky Project#. 

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Felice Varini enjoys drawing on urban landscape and in 2013 in Salon-de-Provence (France) the Swiss artist created a monumental red painting. Seen from any unspecified point of view, Double disque évidé par les toits appears to be a graphic element but, as its name clears up, it has to be viewed from the terrace of the Château de l’Empéri to reveal itself.

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Within the frame of Ruhr.2010, modulorbeat proposed their personal concept of light installations.

Photos by: Werner Hannappel _ All rights reserved.

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For the DUMBO Arts Festival 2012, Erin Rachel Hudak proposed the installation What we see, inviting the onlooker to review the concepts of visibility, perception and discovery.

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The neighbourhood of Colonia Las Américas in Querétaro (Mexico) looks like a kaleidoscope now, thanks to multicolored paints, traditional fabric for inspiration and industrious inhabitants of all ages. The “art director” is the Boamistura collective, that promotes community-based artwork to foster the identity of a community. Proyecto Las Américas is entering the second phase: stay tuned.

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Who says that spray cans are not for elderly people? The project LATA 65 will threaten your certainties with a wink. Because street art is not a matter of age but a form of culture and participation within the life of cities. Held in Lisbon (Portugal), the workshop engaged a group of “beginners” and taught the basics and techniques of street art.

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Primary Structure by Jacob Dahlgren is a colorful steel sculpture, tracing lines under the shadow of a beech woodland. It’s one of the art installations of the Wanås Foundation located in the south of Sweden.

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Street art improves commuters’ waiting time, urban furniture and ordinary landscapes. Inattesa. art at the bus stop is a project by Turismo Creativo and Ziguline taking place in Formia, Gaeta, Itri and Terracina (Italy).

Photos by: Flavia Fiengo and Arianna Barone _ All rights reserved.

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Maintenance scaffolding can be the perfect canvas for a work of public art. The facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia has become It XXXXX XX by Mike Hewson and Agatha Gothe-Snape. The work hides a message, which is uncovered in different steps and changes in the meaning while the framework is assembled and deconstructed.

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Art invades the parking lot of the Italian newspaper La Stampa in Turin (Italy). It’s Abithoudini and the author is Agostino Iacurci.

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The City is Wilder is a work of art by the “melancholic post-situationnist” Robert Montgomery, installed in Berlin (Germany) inside the site of the controversial Holzmarkt project that will transform the banks of river Spree near Alexanderplatz. 

The City is Wilder is a work of art by the “melancholic post-situationnist” Robert Montgomery, installed in Berlin (Germany) inside the site of the controversial Holzmarkt project that will transform the banks of river Spree near Alexanderplatz

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