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You don’t need a Swiss clock to be in time but Mark Formanek. The German artist has just exported his analog and living work named Nikola-Lenivets Time for Archstoyanie 2014. The performance lasted 32 hours and therefore involved 1920 manual changes.

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On 1 August 2013 during Metropolis Festival, an amazing domino show by Station House Opera took place in the urban environment of Copenhagen (Denmark). 7000 tiles of breeze blocks toppled down along a 3 km route surrounded by an astonished audience.

ps. a new domino show is scheduled in Marseille on 28 September. Note down.

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Flashback: 2008 Fribourg (Switzerland).
The Island by Christian Hasucha. To chill out in the midst of cityscape. The installation was part of Festival Belluard Bollwerk International.

Flashback: 2008 Fribourg (Switzerland).

The Island by Christian Hasucha. To chill out in the midst of cityscape. The installation was part of Festival Belluard Bollwerk International.

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Bobsled is not only a winter sport, as Umsichten demonstrated in 2012 with Superbob, reusing discarded materials from the deconstruction of a previous installation by Baltic Raw at the Hamburger Kunsthalle.

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Felice Varini enjoys drawing on urban landscape and in 2013 in Salon-de-Provence (France) the Swiss artist created a monumental red painting. Seen from any unspecified point of view, Double disque évidé par les toits appears to be a graphic element but, as its name clears up, it has to be viewed from the terrace of the Château de l’Empéri to reveal itself.

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Within the frame of Ruhr.2010, modulorbeat proposed their personal concept of light installations.

Photos by: Werner Hannappel _ All rights reserved.

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Where is John? Looking for John is a performative intervention by Tours Soundpainting Orchestra (dressed in raincoat), which plays with public realm and its audience in everyday life.

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Maintenance scaffolding can be the perfect canvas for a work of public art. The facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia has become It XXXXX XX by Mike Hewson and Agatha Gothe-Snape. The work hides a message, which is uncovered in different steps and changes in the meaning while the framework is assembled and deconstructed.

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Inspired by the visionary Buckminster Fuller, Destination 1 is a temporary installation for Artscape in Baltimore (USA), celebrating the oneness of the human race. Designed by the students of the School of Architecture & Planning of Morgan State University under the supervision of Brian Grieb and Brian Stansbury, the structure provides a space for musical performances and improvisational social interaction.

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For the Secret Garden Party 2013 Isabel&Helen built The search is over, a fortune telling installation. Just push the red botton and get the answers you need.

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Within the frame of Urban Lights Ruhr, osa - office for subversive architecture and Christoph Rodatz have created a temporary light work for a vacant tower block, which has been turned into a huge sculpture by means of black painting and will be demolished at the end of the year.

Photos by Johannes Marburg _ All rights reserved.

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For the new installation held in Rosarno (Italy) during A di città festival, Luzinterruptus picked a a typical element of Southern urban landscape and spent 5 days, adding lights to 2000 peppers and making garlands with the help of residents. The result is NocturnalPeperonata.

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In Hamburg (Germany) nearly at the end of Summer, the artist group
We Are Visual turned a vacant lot in
Laeiszstrasse 18 into an outdoor projection room with Galerie Genscher Plateau project. Free screenings for passers-by and cinema-goers.

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In 2011 in the suburbs of Linz (Austria), a huge roundabout became for 17 days DEJA - VU, an island for cultural celebration designed by Fattinger-Orso and a real intersection between visitors and inhabitants. 7000 red crates created a modular architecture adapting to the daily scheduled events.

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