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Flashback: 2008 Fribourg (Switzerland).
The Island by Christian Hasucha. To chill out in the midst of cityscape. The installation was part of Festival Belluard Bollwerk International.

Flashback: 2008 Fribourg (Switzerland).

The Island by Christian Hasucha. To chill out in the midst of cityscape. The installation was part of Festival Belluard Bollwerk International.

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Bobsled is not only a winter sport, as Umsichten demonstrated in 2012 with Superbob, reusing discarded materials from the deconstruction of a previous installation by Baltic Raw at the Hamburger Kunsthalle.

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Felice Varini enjoys drawing on urban landscape and in 2013 in Salon-de-Provence (France) the Swiss artist created a monumental red painting. Seen from any unspecified point of view, Double disque évidé par les toits appears to be a graphic element but, as its name clears up, it has to be viewed from the terrace of the Château de l’Empéri to reveal itself.

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Within the frame of Ruhr.2010, modulorbeat proposed their personal concept of light installations.

Photos by: Werner Hannappel _ All rights reserved.

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Where is John? Looking for John is a performative intervention by Tours Soundpainting Orchestra (dressed in raincoat), which plays with public realm and its audience in everyday life.

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Maintenance scaffolding can be the perfect canvas for a work of public art. The facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia has become It XXXXX XX by Mike Hewson and Agatha Gothe-Snape. The work hides a message, which is uncovered in different steps and changes in the meaning while the framework is assembled and deconstructed.

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Inspired by the visionary Buckminster Fuller, Destination 1 is a temporary installation for Artscape in Baltimore (USA), celebrating the oneness of the human race. Designed by the students of the School of Architecture & Planning of Morgan State University under the supervision of Brian Grieb and Brian Stansbury, the structure provides a space for musical performances and improvisational social interaction.

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For the Secret Garden Party 2013 Isabel&Helen built The search is over, a fortune telling installation. Just push the red botton and get the answers you need.

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Within the frame of Urban Lights Ruhr, osa - office for subversive architecture and Christoph Rodatz have created a temporary light work for a vacant tower block, which has been turned into a huge sculpture by means of black painting and will be demolished at the end of the year.

Photos by Johannes Marburg _ All rights reserved.

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For the new installation held in Rosarno (Italy) during A di città festival, Luzinterruptus picked a a typical element of Southern urban landscape and spent 5 days, adding lights to 2000 peppers and making garlands with the help of residents. The result is NocturnalPeperonata.

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In Hamburg (Germany) nearly at the end of Summer, the artist group
We Are Visual turned a vacant lot in
Laeiszstrasse 18 into an outdoor projection room with Galerie Genscher Plateau project. Free screenings for passers-by and cinema-goers.

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In 2011 in the suburbs of Linz (Austria), a huge roundabout became for 17 days DEJA - VU, an island for cultural celebration designed by Fattinger-Orso and a real intersection between visitors and inhabitants. 7000 red crates created a modular architecture adapting to the daily scheduled events.

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L A U N C H by Michael Zebrowski uses weather balloons architecturally both as spatial instigators and as photographic data collectors capturing real time urban activity. The first appearance occurred at ARTSCAPE 2013 and the project succeeded in engaging the public.

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Welcome to Yes We Camp, the temporary and creative camping site set up in Marseille (France). Guests can choose among a great variety of unsual accomodations, from hammocks to colorful caravans, take part in the events and workshops or just hang out and have a good time.

Photos by: Eric Pringels,  Nicolas Réméné and Damien Raveau _ All rights reserved.

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