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The unpronounceableTrädgård på Spåret  has a simple meaning: “garden on (the) track”. It is, in fact, the name of both the place and the association, turning the old forgotten railway track on Södermalm, an island of Stockholm, into a community garden. Since 2012 a big variety of vegetables and flowers have grown inside around 200 wooden boxes. Education is important as well and there are scientific descriptions of the plants, gardening courses and projects with schools and kindergarten.

Photos by Magnus Svaneby _ All rights reserved.

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Designed by Remy & Veenhuizen, Clubhouse is a wooden structure offering various ways of sitting and getting together.

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Fundación Mi Parque has been working to improve Chilean neighborhoods by means of green public spaces and local involvement. Since 2007 many parks have stemmed everywhere, like Villa Hermosa’s garden in Huechuraba.

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The little and tall inhabitans of Hautepierre, a Strasbourg’s neighborhood planned in 1960’s, have decided to do something for the place they share. With the help of Horizome and the collective Délits d’Archi, they have built Eley Garden, a real public space with a stage, a playground, an open-air sitting room and much friendship. 

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We Love Cities →

Almost everybody knows it: over half the earth’s population now lives in cities. Therefore, there are challenges to tackle in order to reduce their inhabitants’ footprints. WWF has selected 33 of the most sustainable cities all over the world, that are positively changing their lifestyles and providing good solutions. Explore the website, share ideas and vote your favorite city.

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The inhabitants of the floating villages in Pursat Province (Cambodia) can now grow their own vegetables in Floating gardens, getting better their diet and consequently the health. All the credit goes to the Australian CoDesign Studio, working with two Cambodian organizations Agile Development Group and Rural Friends for Community Development. 

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In the heart of Melbourne (Australia), there’s a vacant lot for creative people to use. It’s Testing Grounds by the duo These are THE PROJECTS we do together and everyone can contribute to fill the agenda of activities with ideas, projects and events.

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After this nice video by Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, there will be more green spots in between, happy neighbours, red organic tomatos, seeds&hoes and urban gardeners out there. Easier done than said. 

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Taking inspiration from the Victorian terrace houses in the London borough of Hackney, the team composed by Julian Bond, Sigrid Bylander, Lucy Paton and Benedetta Rogers have created Sill to Sill, a shop and an info centre for Hackney City Farm made of recycled materials. By engaging the local community, the project wants also to highlight the opportunity of urban farming in window sills.

Photo by Millie Harvey _ All rights reserved.

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There is no doubt that Berlin is a city with a green soul and in June 2013 a brand-new urban gardening project has appeared. It’s himmelbeet, located in Ruheplatzstraße 12 near Leopoldplatz. Besides the community garden, it promotes participation and sustainability, building with recycled materials, has a cafè and beehives and hosts workshops and cultural events. 

Photos by Julius Jung and himmelbeet _ All rights reserved.

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Held in September 2012, Helsinki Plant Tram was a participatory project conceived with the aim of growing the green network of urban gardens in the city. People were invited to hop on board a special tram, carrying a plant from their own garden. The destination was the  fluctuating Plant Tram Urban Garden designed by Wayward Plants and located in Suvilahti, a disused power plant and gasworks in the North of the city.

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There was once Berlin Tempelhof airport, now there is a community garden established in April 2011 by Allmende-Kontor, a bottom-up initiative which  promotes urban agriculture and claims forms of social wealth and inclusion. The garden is the result of the creativity of people that bypass the digging ban by means of large elevated boxes, reusing wooden parts of furniture, tables and so on. The space hosts also little events and public discussions.

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ArtEpi is a temporary micro-city, that will rise in the middle of Denmark from 18th August to 19th October 2013. The city will gather the expertise of around 100 artists and scientists, living and working together in order to find sustainable and engaging solutions for contemporary world. Visitors will be welcome to take part and be entertained with collateral events.

To learn more: here.

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During Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2013, people can enjoy a cup of coffee in the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar, designed by the Australian design firm HASSELL. The temporary installation is made of pallets and has more than 120 coffee plants.

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How to turn billboards into lively bamboo gardens: it’s Urban Air by the sculptor Stephen Glassman. Take a breath while you’re stuck in traffic.

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