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Worldwide Cycling Atlas →

From the ingenious Bicimáquinas in Guatemala to Aeolian Ride, the cycling world represents a dynamo for solidarity, creativity, communitarianism, environmental movements, freedom, recycling and entrepreneurship. Tip: enter this atlas of stories and projects.

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In the Fakulteta district of Sofia (Bulgaria), Transformatori and Compote Collective engaged little volunteers in order to build the first kid’s corner recycling discarded materials.

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Can City is about recycling, the informal economy of waste pickers in Brazil and handiwork. The street cart is a small portable foundry that melt soda cans with used-cooking oil to create objects like useful (silver) chairs. Made by Studio Swine.


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Inspired by the visionary Buckminster Fuller, Destination 1 is a temporary installation for Artscape in Baltimore (USA), celebrating the oneness of the human race. Designed by the students of the School of Architecture & Planning of Morgan State University under the supervision of Brian Grieb and Brian Stansbury, the structure provides a space for musical performances and improvisational social interaction.

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For a brand-new public space in Dordrecht (the Netherlands) Ecosistema Urbano has designed Energy Carousel, a playful and smart structure with educational and environmental purposes. Grabbing and turning on the revolving rope swings, the hanging rope seats or the short ropes, children produce kinetic energy that is stored and used to light up the structure during the nighttime.

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Mobilier urbain STM →

When the local transit company opens its garages to creative minds, new pieces of street furniture can magically appear. It’s a project by the Canadian La Camaraderie.

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A public event open to all the inhabitants and Story Tower, a tiny library with the shape of a wooden lamp, are the two creative outcomes designed by the summer school students and the tutors from Riga Technical University for the little village of Cesis (Latvia).

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Where to prepare the 10,000 meals a day for the volunteers and musicians attending  the Winnipeg Folk Festival? The Canadian studio Syverson Monteyne Architecture has expressly designed La Cuisine, saving the existing steel structure of a dismantled building and reconstructing it in a new form. The colorful building serves as a big seasonal kitchen facility with sliding walls protecting from bad weather and has a verandah for the festival-goers to meet and relax.

All Images and Photography courtesy of Syverson Monteyne Architecture Inc and Harold Mitchell Photography _ All rights reserved

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The Mobile Bread-House is an eco-friendly installation for the social and useful art of bread-making by Raymond Olive

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9.977 square meters x repurposed shipping containers x imagination of people = Parque Natural Tiuna El Fuerte. Designed and built by LAB.PRO.FAB in 2005, the project is located in the western part of Caracas (Venezuela) and is a social, political and environmental experiment of urban cohesion. The public space hosts many leisure activities and events and, like a creative construction site, it has a library, an open theatre, classrooms for workshops, a dining room etc.

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Flashback: 2003 Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Rottenpot by Superuse Studios. To turn waste (cable reels) into a new mean of transport or a play structure.

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Scenery at the Bos Theatre / Catherina Scholten

This structure is an elaborate outdoor set for the Theater het Amsterdam Bos, a Dutch theater group. The set was created by Catherina Scholten for a 2005 production of Anton Chekhov’s Ivanov. It uses shipping containers mixed with mobile homes, caravans, trailers, all of them conected by stairs, creating an imaginary world of prefab and modular and adaptive reuse.

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Lighting Cairo is a project by the Spanish Basurama, that are experts in turning trash into unconventional kits for public spaces. In summer 2012 they organized workshops with young Egyptian professionals to design low-cost prototypes and used them to activate squares in the city of Cairo.

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Opened in Torino (Italy) 2011, Parco Dora by LATZ + PARTNER represents a compelling example of reuse of former industrial areas: it preserves the past as a landmark and changes the landscape, inventing  a new public space for all.

Photos by: Mattia Boero, Heidemarie Niemann, Ornella Orlandini, Andrea Serra, Fabrizio Zanelli, Latz + Partner. All rights reserved.

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Heaven is a place on earth and is located in an abandoned paper factory in the Shihlin district of Taipei (Taiwan). Interbreeding Field mantained the existing elements of the building and created Paradise Lost in Time, adding wooden boardwalks, sitting areas, a nice cafè and a green public space.

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