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The former factory producing swimming pools located in Grenoble (France) has become a permanent and free think-tank answering to the demand for housing and its social implication. It’s La Piscine, fabrique de solution pour lhabitat  and gathering various actors, like architects, curious citizens, city-planners, jurists, social workers, artists and professionals, the building has been transformed into a place where homeless people can apply their skills and make concrete things. Led by arpenteurs, the project offers workshops, know-how exchanges and tools and organizes regular meetings among all the actors involved.

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Worldwide Cycling Atlas →

From the ingenious Bicimáquinas in Guatemala to Aeolian Ride, the cycling world represents a dynamo for solidarity, creativity, communitarianism, environmental movements, freedom, recycling and entrepreneurship. Tip: enter this atlas of stories and projects.

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With a jump back to the future, the duo of artists HeHe has been carrying out The Train Project, developing unconventional prototypes of railway vehicles tested on abandoned tracks in the form of performances. 

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On S. East Street in Baltimore (USA), waiting is fun thanks to the Spanish mmmm…. The wooden public art installation is part of TRANSIT – Creative Placemaking with Europe.

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For Village Éphémère 2014, the Canadian Atelier GUY architecte has chosen to modify familiar elements of urban pattern like jersey barriers, turning them into street furniture.

Photos by Jean Micheal Seminaro and Yann Meurot _ All rights reserved.

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Do-It-Yourself Urban Design is spreading everywhere. Fixing needs and public administration’s lacks&cuts. The video is an overview of some interesting examples.

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Collaborative Cities →
This is a documentary and an inspiring journey in Europe and North America to tell the extraordinary stories of creative people and their ideas, that are changing the conventional notion of economy, culture, welfare and education.
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Public spaces are suitable for various actions, uses and functions. If not, hack the city: exploit the creativity, have a look at elements of urban landscape and be revolutionary. This is Rotten Apple.

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Space&matter has overturned the traditional function of fencing to exclude people and created a public space inside a vacant construction site in Leiden (The Netherlands). 

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In Bristol (UK) lamp posts, post boxes and other members of city’s street furniture are talkative. Strange to say. It’s an idea by PAN, with the help of Gyorgyi Galik and Tom Armitage, and consists of a playful SMS platform using the text message function of mobile phones to allow the communication between people and inanimate objects.

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Flashback: 1998 Boston, New York City, Baltimore and Berlin.

paraSITE by Michael Rakowitz. Transportable shelters designed to meet the homeless’needs with low budget. Conveying a political and social statement.

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Before acting, public space’s players need tools to investigate urban reality.  The Periscope suits them. Designed by collective ika during Biennale di Venezia in 2010, it was also used by curious passers-by with a shift in perspective.

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Commisioned by The Architecture Foundation, Viewpoint designed by AOR is located in Camley Street Natural Park in London (UK) and offers an aesthetic perspective of urban wildlife.

Photos by: Max Creasy _ All rights reserved.

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Street art improves commuters’ waiting time, urban furniture and ordinary landscapes. Inattesa. art at the bus stop is a project by Turismo Creativo and Ziguline taking place in Formia, Gaeta, Itri and Terracina (Italy).

Photos by: Flavia Fiengo and Arianna Barone _ All rights reserved.

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Once upon a time there was a city named Groningen (The Netherlands), that was planned for car mobility. Then in 1970s a bike revolution started. Interesting video by Streetfilms city administrators should watch.

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