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Inspired by the history of Hart’s Mill Surrounds, ASPECT Studios has just presented a new vibrant playscape. Located in Port Adelaide (Australia), the yellow line turns into words and play facilities and leads the children inside the space.

Pictures by: Don Brice _ All rights reserved.

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City One Minutes →

In City One Minutes you can sail the whole world, passing from a city to the next one and observing sunlight through time. The website collects stories, impressions, points of view in the form of videos: each city is divided into 24 one minute portraits and each portray depicts one hour of the day. 

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In the Fakulteta district of Sofia (Bulgaria), Transformatori and Compote Collective engaged little volunteers in order to build the first kid’s corner recycling discarded materials.

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Fundación Mi Parque has been working to improve Chilean neighborhoods by means of green public spaces and local involvement. Since 2007 many parks have stemmed everywhere, like Villa Hermosa’s garden in Huechuraba.

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Do-It-Yourself Urban Design is spreading everywhere. Fixing needs and public administration’s lacks&cuts. The video is an overview of some interesting examples.

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Collaborative Cities →
This is a documentary and an inspiring journey in Europe and North America to tell the extraordinary stories of creative people and their ideas, that are changing the conventional notion of economy, culture, welfare and education.
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The neighbourhood of Colonia Las Américas in Querétaro (Mexico) looks like a kaleidoscope now, thanks to multicolored paints, traditional fabric for inspiration and industrious inhabitants of all ages. The “art director” is the Boamistura collective, that promotes community-based artwork to foster the identity of a community. Proyecto Las Américas is entering the second phase: stay tuned.

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When an earthquake wounds landscape, a public space can restore ordinary life. In the little Shuanghe Village (China), the duo of architects Olivier Ottevaere + John Linhas has designed The Pitch, a library and a community center with a sloping roof children enjoy.

Photos by Olivier Ottevaere + John Lin. All rights reserved.

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The little and tall inhabitans of Hautepierre, a Strasbourg’s neighborhood planned in 1960’s, have decided to do something for the place they share. With the help of Horizome and the collective Délits d’Archi, they have built Eley Garden, a real public space with a stage, a playground, an open-air sitting room and much friendship. 

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Piazza XXV Aprile is full of different and amazing typologies of food projects and smiling people. Say cheeseee.

ps. ready to dance? It’s Public Design Festival’s closing party time this evening!

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Mapping Main Street →

There’s at least a Main Street in any American village, town, city and metropolis and each Main street is never the same. This is a collaborative documentary media project to build a new map of the country through stories, photos and videos recorded on actual Main Streets.

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Who says that spray cans are not for elderly people? The project LATA 65 will threaten your certainties with a wink. Because street art is not a matter of age but a form of culture and participation within the life of cities. Held in Lisbon (Portugal), the workshop engaged a group of “beginners” and taught the basics and techniques of street art.

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Space&matter has overturned the traditional function of fencing to exclude people and created a public space inside a vacant construction site in Leiden (The Netherlands). 

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In the old district Barrio del Carmen of Valencia (Spain) children, associations and inhabitants have set up their own community space in a former vacant lot. It’s Solar Corona

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We Love Cities →

Almost everybody knows it: over half the earth’s population now lives in cities. Therefore, there are challenges to tackle in order to reduce their inhabitants’ footprints. WWF has selected 33 of the most sustainable cities all over the world, that are positively changing their lifestyles and providing good solutions. Explore the website, share ideas and vote your favorite city.

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