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Piazza XXV Aprile is full of different and amazing typologies of food projects and smiling people. Say cheeseee.

ps. ready to dance? It’s Public Design Festival’s closing party time this evening!

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Mapping Main Street →

There’s at least a Main Street in any American village, town, city and metropolis and each Main street is never the same. This is a collaborative documentary media project to build a new map of the country through stories, photos and videos recorded on actual Main Streets.

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Who says that spray cans are not for elderly people? The project LATA 65 will threaten your certainties with a wink. Because street art is not a matter of age but a form of culture and participation within the life of cities. Held in Lisbon (Portugal), the workshop engaged a group of “beginners” and taught the basics and techniques of street art.

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Space&matter has overturned the traditional function of fencing to exclude people and created a public space inside a vacant construction site in Leiden (The Netherlands). 

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In the old district Barrio del Carmen of Valencia (Spain) children, associations and inhabitants have set up their own community space in a former vacant lot. It’s Solar Corona

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We Love Cities →

Almost everybody knows it: over half the earth’s population now lives in cities. Therefore, there are challenges to tackle in order to reduce their inhabitants’ footprints. WWF has selected 33 of the most sustainable cities all over the world, that are positively changing their lifestyles and providing good solutions. Explore the website, share ideas and vote your favorite city.

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Can City is about recycling, the informal economy of waste pickers in Brazil and handiwork. The street cart is a small portable foundry that melt soda cans with used-cooking oil to create objects like useful (silver) chairs. Made by Studio Swine.


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Within the frame of Wienwoche 2013, the Austrian performance-collective wastecooking came up with a disruptive and uncommon proposal in opposition to the system of conventional supermarkets. It’s the wastecooking’s free supermarket, a food shop where everything is for free and anyone can enter. Under the motto “food is culture… don’t waste it, cook it”, the shop offered waste-diving tours in the neighbourhoods, a cooking campaign with food salvaged from the rubbish bin, a creative cooking device, tasty waste meals, performances and shelves of food, of course.

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The inhabitants of the floating villages in Pursat Province (Cambodia) can now grow their own vegetables in Floating gardens, getting better their diet and consequently the health. All the credit goes to the Australian CoDesign Studio, working with two Cambodian organizations Agile Development Group and Rural Friends for Community Development. 

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As gentrification threatens to pave the labour identity of La Perseverancia neighbourhood in Bogotà (Colombia), for La Otra Bienal the Spanish Todo por la Praxis proposed an iconic site-specific intervention. It is a three dimensional sign with a slogan borrowed from the working-class movement, an observation tower over the city and a stage for events involving the community.

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Enabling City - Volume 2 →

After three years of silent researches Enabling City has collected all the notes in a new book that continues the former investigations around social initiatives led by citizens. One thing is certain: “the power of place-based creative problem-solving is spreading into the suburbs, small towns, and diverse settlements of the world”.

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Once upon a time there was a city named Groningen (The Netherlands), that was planned for car mobility. Then in 1970s a bike revolution started. Interesting video by Streetfilms city administrators should watch.

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Within the frame of Hello Wood 2012, Dia Harcsa, Tibor Dékány and Ádám Hatvani, members of Sporaarchitects, designed the wooden Gossip Bench. Sit and indulge in pretty talk.

Photos by: Péter Márk, Péter Sárközi _ MOME line _ All rights reserved

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MoRUS - Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space →

Opened in 2012, the museum is both an archive of the Lower East Side’s recent story made of grassroots activism and a social space inside a changing neighbourhood in New York City.

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Inspired by the visionary Buckminster Fuller, Destination 1 is a temporary installation for Artscape in Baltimore (USA), celebrating the oneness of the human race. Designed by the students of the School of Architecture & Planning of Morgan State University under the supervision of Brian Grieb and Brian Stansbury, the structure provides a space for musical performances and improvisational social interaction.

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