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In public space we trust

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On 1 August 2013 during Metropolis Festival, an amazing domino show by Station House Opera took place in the urban environment of Copenhagen (Denmark). 7000 tiles of breeze blocks toppled down along a 3 km route surrounded by an astonished audience.

ps. a new domino show is scheduled in Marseille on 28 September. Note down.

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Once more billboards have become canvases for 50 artworks of German and renowed artists. It’s Dresden Public Art View.

Photos by Dresden Public Art View _ All rights reserved.

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The interactive installation BruumRuum! by David Torrents and artec3 Studio lets people interact with public space in Barcelona emitting noises and sounds and, as a result, produces colorful lightning changes.

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Public spaces are suitable for various actions, uses and functions. If not, hack the city: exploit the creativity, have a look at elements of urban landscape and be revolutionary. This is Rotten Apple.

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This is a generator of spontaneous instructions to act in public spaces. Get your own to-do’s and suggest anything, anyhow, anywhere. It’s a project by urban doer Florian Rivière and Jim Walker of Big Car Collaborative. 

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Before acting, public space’s players need tools to investigate urban reality.  The Periscope suits them. Designed by collective ika during Biennale di Venezia in 2010, it was also used by curious passers-by with a shift in perspective.

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Where is John? Looking for John is a performative intervention by Tours Soundpainting Orchestra (dressed in raincoat), which plays with public realm and its audience in everyday life.

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This is what happens when you put two strangers inside a a ball pit and encourage them to talk about life’s big questions. It’s Take a Seat & Make a Friend by the hyper creative Soulpancake.

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Mimmo Rubino aka Rub Kandy has painted the steps of an amphitheatre in Atlantic City (USA) using the colors of American cultures and creating a three dimensional effect. The flags are Atlantica and have become a pop-point of interest.

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Flashback: 2008 Copenhagen (Denmark).

Everyone Can Use the Harbour by Parfyme. To test new uses and opportunities of a potential public space with creativity.

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For the Secret Garden Party 2013 Isabel&Helen built The search is over, a fortune telling installation. Just push the red botton and get the answers you need.

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For the new installation held in Rosarno (Italy) during A di città festival, Luzinterruptus picked a a typical element of Southern urban landscape and spent 5 days, adding lights to 2000 peppers and making garlands with the help of residents. The result is NocturnalPeperonata.

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Flying over Belfast (UK), the traveler may lock his eyes with a smiling girl. It’s Wish, the new work by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada for the 2013 Ulster Bank Belfast International Festival at Queen’s.

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L A U N C H by Michael Zebrowski uses weather balloons architecturally both as spatial instigators and as photographic data collectors capturing real time urban activity. The first appearance occurred at ARTSCAPE 2013 and the project succeeded in engaging the public.

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Before its demolition a tall building in the 13th district of Paris (France) has become Tour 13, a huge gallery of street art, involving 100 artists from all over the world. Now it’s open to the public for the whole month of October.

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